Medical / Dental Stool

The MDS16 Medical / Dental Stool with wheels is the ideal seating solution for physicians, dentists, nurses, medical assistants, and all workers in healthcare and research clinics and facilities, such as hospitals, private practices, operating rooms, exam rooms and emergency rooms. Rolling stools are convenient, providing the ability to move freely about while remaining comfortably seated in ergonomic perfection.

  • 3" back height adjustment
  • Stool heights from 17" - 34"
  • 16" diameter seat
  • Seat is made of 4" thick high-density medical foam
  • Dual seat-height-adjustment handles
  • Self-pivoting spring back
  • Coordinating colors: back bar, control and handles, base, casters
  • Medical high-grade vinyl upholstery
  • Optional footring
  • 300 lb capacity
  • Partial assembly required
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Premium Features

Medical stool premium features include height-adjustable back bar, color-coordinated hardware, bumper trim, and 4" thick seat foam.

Color-Coordinated Hardware

Complement your upholstery color with color-coordinated back bar, height-adjustment handles, base, and hard floor casters. Choose aluminum, light gray, sand, dark gray, or black.

Light Gray
Medical stool base and casters in sand color
Medical Stool base and casters in dark gray
Dark Gray
Medical Stool base and casters in black

Base and hard floor casters are also available in aluminum and 3 colors of painted aluminum.

Aluminum base with hard floor casters
Painted Aluminum: Light Gray
Painted Aluminum: Sand
Painted Aluminum: Dark Gray

Color samples available upon request.

Adjustable Height

Height is easily adjusted while seated, with dual control handles located just below the seat. The Basic Unit height ranges from 17" - 22; the Stool height ranges from 21" - 29"; and the Extended Stool height ranges from 24" - 34".

Shown here in "Cinnabar" red with aluminum base, light gray
back bar and control handles, and abdominal support arm.

Basic Unit Height

17" - 22"

Medical stool adjustable height ranges from 17" - 22"

Rolling medical stool with back, adjustable height ranges from 17" - 22"


Stool Height

21" - 29"

Medical stool adjustable height ranges from 17" - 22"


Extended Stool Height

24" - 34"


3" Back-Height Adjustment Range

The cushioned oval-shaped back easily moves up and down 3", so people of different sizes can appreciate the comfort of custom lumbar support.

Medical stool adjustable back height in down position

Medical stool adjustable height back in highest position

Self-Pivoting Spring Back

Pivot back moves with you as you lean forward or backward, providing additional ergonomic comfort.

Medical stool back pivot tilted back

Medical stool back pivot tilted forward


Choose from an array of more than 80 colors of high-performance medical vinyl.

Back Panel Bumper Trim

MDS units with backs ship with black bumper trim unless otherwise specified. Bumper trim is available in 6 colors.

Black bumper trim

Bumper trim comes in 6 colors: Burgundy, Mustard, Beige, Navy, Charcoal and Black

Color samples available upon request.


Buzz Seating's Rolling Medical Stool has many options, including back, footring, abdominal support arm, and aluminum base.

Red rolling medical stool with back and footring
Medical Stool With Back And Footring
Medical Stool With Abdominal Support Arm
Blue rolling medical stool with adjustable height
Medical Stool With Aluminum Base

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